How Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health?

How Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health?

Someone rightly said,” “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

Yoga is not all about performing asanas or poses. It provides immense benefits to body, mind, and soul and has the power to make you feel calmer, happier, and lighter. 

But do you know practicing yoga regularly has positive effects on your mental health too?

Herein, we are sharing 5 ways how yoga benefits your mental well-being:

1. Fights depression and anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two big enemies of mental health.

As per the Harvard Mental Health Letter, yoga is very helpful in combating anxiety and depression.

Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health?

Yoga is a combination of physical exercises, body postures, breathing & relaxation techniques, and meditation that can help anyone manage depression and its symptoms like anger, loss of energy, exaggerated stress, and less concentration.

2. Better sleep

Good sleep is important for mental health. 

People suffering from sleep deprivation can have serious and long-term health consequences.

However, yoga isn’t just beneficial for fighting stress levels but it can also help people having insomnia.

Studies say 55% of people who performed yoga admitted that it helped them get better sleep

Yoga can help them fall asleep faster, sleep for longer, and return to sleep more quickly in case they get disturbed in the middle of the night. 

Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health?

For instance, pregnant women can improve their quality of sleep, by performing yoga during their second trimester.

3. Improves mood

There is a close link between mood and mind.

Yoga is a natural way to increase serotonin production. Serotonin is a chemical nerve cell product that plays a major role in boosting happiness.

Being gentle and calm, yoga encourages you to focus on positive things and lifts up your mind and mood.

4. Makes you aware of inner-self

Yoga helps you recognize your inner qualities and body that you are not aware of, hence making you more mindful. 

When you act without knowledge, you don’t know where you are heading to. However, when you perform with awareness, you are in control of your mind and body. 

Your senses become so active that you can see, observe, think, taste, and listen better.

5. Energizes physical health

As it is said, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

Yoga contributes towards physical well-being and provides warm care to all the brain organs, helping you to have a relaxed state of mind.  From losing weight, toning muscles, improving agility to numerous other physical benefits, yoga has been a great option for people—young and old alike. 

A healthy body only encourages us to be positive in life and helps us do better. 

In the end…

Above all, yoga for mental health is vital and can help you achieve a happier and more pleasant state of mind. And when your mind is active and healthy, you are more responsible towards others.

Hopefully, these benefits keep you inspired and motivated to get on the mat.

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