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Choosing a mental health or addiction rehab program for yourself or someone you care about can feel like a mountain of responsibility. With ample information available on the kinds of treatment available in Southern California, it’s hard to discern fact from fiction and understand which options are best.

RAIN Recovery Makes

Finding Information and Solutions Easy

We asked our licensed professionals and industry partners. We listened to our clients and the concerns expressed by their families. We identified the gaping holes in the behavioral health industry. Now, we offer what people are searching for and truly need to better serve individuals and the communities we live in.

Before you decide on which behavioral health treatment or drug rehab program is right for you, read through our most frequently asked questions for answers on what we provide, what to expect, and how to get started. And if we haven’t covered what’s on your mind, we’re here to help alleviate the stress and engage peace of mind.

A: RAIN Recovery is located in a luxurious penthouse in the San Fernando Valley in the heart of Encino, California. The address is 16255 Ventura Blvd, Suite 1212, Encino, CA 91436.  

A: An intensive outpatient program (also known as an IOP) is a type of treatment recommended for those who do not need medically-supervised detox. In addition, our IOP is ideal for individuals who either cannot participate in an inpatient residential treatment facility due to external responsibilities, or who have already successfully completed detox, or a residential program. An IOP is the next step providing the necessary support and added therapeutic services for individuals going through the recovery process. Individuals do not reside on the premises and live at home or a sober living house. IOP participants must be committed to all aspects of the program and are held accountable for their actions, and monitored regularly to help prevent or identify relapse. Individuals participating in our IOP focus on their recovery and are better able to regain and maintain control of their lives.
A: RAIN Recovery is designed for individuals struggling with problems associated with their mental health, addictions, substance use and abuse disorders, and/or dual diagnosis disorders. Get details here.
A: The average length of an Intensive Outpatient Program at RAIN Recovery is 45 to 90 days, depending on the client’s individual needs, overall state of health upon admission (mind, body and soul), and established goals for treatment. We design our programs to ensure clients graduate with the necessary skills to maintain sobriety, increase self-esteem, find life-purpose, and build a solid, sober support system through RAIN Recovery’s encouraging community. Each client is here due to a unique set of circumstances. Recovery is a process where individuals heal, learn, and grow in their own time —differently. Our industry-leading clinicians are trained to assist every client in meeting their treatment goals, and successfully overcoming obstacles, the life hardships they face today and those that may arise in the future.
A: Our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff members lead client interaction with empathy, though fundamentals are founded on evidence-based practices and holistic methodologies. The result is a program packaged for the individual, though collaboratively constructed between clinicians, participants and their families. As we manage and monitor progress, treatment recommendations may shift to maximize program effectiveness and client comfort.
A: Clients can expect one 60-minute session per week with a designated primary therapist. Depending on the severity of the presenting problems, clinical assessment and treatment plan, the number of one-on-one sessions per week may increase, keeping with our tailored approach to individualized treatment. Keep in mind that many clients find added benefit in the interaction with other like-minded individuals under our care, that takes place during group therapy.
A: RAIN Recovery is a non-denominational facility that does not preach, enforce, persuade, or insinuate any specific religious or spiritual teachings. We do respect and honor individual belief and welcome all realms of faith including Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahá’í, and metaphysical practices. RAIN Recovery does offer 12-Step based services; however, our recovery program actively meets each person where they are in the recovery process and how personal spirituality brings greater comfort and strengthens recovery.
A: Yes. Many of our clients are professionals who have found that stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms have led to unwanted and unnecessary life challenges and behaviors. We believe that a path towards mind, body and soul enlightenment is best exercised while keeping personal productivity going. We require that IOP participants provide the facility with a current work schedule. This is how we can best accommodate real life work commitments while integrating our treatment services. To stay atop today’s busy lifestyles, we also offer Telehealth services, a HIPPA-compliant form of therapy. RAIN Recovery continues to put client needs first. If there are other programs that meet with your schedule, we are happy to include those options as well.
A: From the first day you enter our program, RAIN Recovery begins to work on setting a strong discharge and relapse prevention plan. The services offered by our program are designed to provide the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge that help make daily life, the expected and unforeseen events, more manageable. Our aftercare plan is just as individualized as our IOP, meeting the unique needs and goals of clients on an ongoing basis. More importantly, FREE AFTERCARE services are provided to individuals who complete the program. To find out more about our FREE AFTERCARE services, please click here.
A: RAIN Recovery is insurance-friendly and open to many out-of-network providers. To discover if we accept your insurance, please click on this link and we can run a no-cost verification of benefits to see if you or your loved one qualifies.
A: RAIN Recovery believes that individuals who are passionate about their recovery should have access to treatment. We can provide affordable options, on an individual basis, if specific criteria are met. If we are not the right fit for you or your loved one, we can still assist by providing industry resources to other programs that may be better suited to your needs.
A: Yes. We invite anyone considering RAIN Recovery to schedule a tour of our facility and have the opportunity to meet with the staff members who will treat you like family. This helps minimize awkwardness, promotes transparency, and assists with the decision making process as to whether our Intensive Outpatient Program is a comfortable fit. To arrange a personal and confidential tour, please click here.
A: Yes. A comprehensive health assessment is required prior to facility admission. Our assessment is much like a guide that provides information on whether a prospective client meets the criteria for our IOP, and if our programs would lead to reaching the desired goals. If an individual does not meet the criteria or we determine that a higher level of care would be more beneficial, due to medical necessity, for example, resources for that type of care will be provided.
A: RAIN Recovery delivers our program offerings in smaller group settings, providing a more effective way to experience treatment, reach personal goals, and achieve recovery. Smaller group settings also allow the individual to have the opportunity for more one-on-one time with our licensed clinicians and holistic therapists, vital to the recovery process.
A: Yes, our facility is co-ed, not gender-specific and is accepting of all gender identification.
A: RAIN Recovery takes confidentiality very seriously. Not only does our facility, our staff, and business representation adhere to the strict industry guidelines necessary to achieve and uphold HIPAA compliance, client privacy in all matters is first place, from the very first communication. Every employee is subjected to an exhaustive, background check and must sign a stringent, confidentiality agreement. In addition, we never allow community meetings or media access into the facility. To ensure privacy, our efforts to protect client confidentiality exceed the highest industry standards and regulations.
A: We are available to answer any questions you may have about our program, and help alleviate your concerns about the addiction rehab process and mental health treatment. Please click here and one of our compassionate, educated staff members will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

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