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About RAIN Recovery

Personalization is at the crux of why RAIN Recovery came into being. This not only serves as the foundation for our program offerings, but also in the way our founders, clinical practitioners, and holistic therapists provide care. Beyond individualized treatment, we take client health — personally. 

Giving up isn’t an option here.

Striving to deal with personal challenges is something we help people do here, daily. Though it may not be easy, we like to think of our Intensive Outpatient and Flex Outpatient treatment as deeply-rooted programs that give people the tools to handle life better, once they leave our facility.

When a client is worn and tired, we’re here to pick them up. When a family is wrought with worry over a loved one, we’re here to remind them that the future already looks brighter. Because it does. And together, we build a personal network of people, processes, and places that support whole health and truly represent the authentic essence of it in mind, body and soul.

This is how people, their families and communities, recover well from drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

About RAIN Recovery, Where Science and Soul Meet

RAIN Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Clinically Strong, Holistically Sound

Just as people and their businesses must adapt to change over time in order to survive, perspectives must shift as well. Long-standing or unaddressed mental and behavioral health disorders hamper our ability to change, setting up an environment of inappropriate responses that can quickly escalate into dangerous situations.

Understanding the nature of biochemical imbalances, addictive behaviors, and spiritual disconnections is important. Knowing how to identify them and map a course for recovery using the benefits of evidence-based treatments with holistic practices, that can be duplicated during aftercare and beyond, is our equation for recovery success. But the RAIN Recovery staff will always be our key differentiator in the industry.

There are many layers to mental health and how it is further compromised with the presence of drug or alcohol addiction (co-occurring disorders). In addition to the scientific reasoning behind the development of negative behavioral conditions, there are environmental, cultural, and societal pressures and influences that play a role as well.

For those living in Southern California or other major cities that bear an undue amount of everyday stress, especially for professionals and those in high profile positions, this lifestyle is the predominant risk factor. RAIN Recovery embraces these particular challenges and meets them with behavioral health and alternative therapy specialists who understand today’s diverse mindsets. Though our clients may come from varied backgrounds, there is one common denominator: How trauma affects the human condition. To best meet each client where they are in their health journey, our staff members are just as diversified and can empathize with a multitude of circumstances.

RAIN Recovery’s soul purpose is to diffuse the impact of life traumas on every client and find a reliable, achievable and sustainable level of balance through the implementation of whole health practices. We achieve this by following four core principles of RAIN:


About the RAIN Recovery Staff

The People Behind Your Care

Recovery Vested in Community

The founders of RAIN Recovery know too well of the implications that financial success, public influencer status, and overwhelming familial obligations can bring to anyone struggling to keep personal life in balance. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley with generations in Encino, California, is where the RAIN Recovery facility resides. To founders Morgan Rudnick and Jason Barrett, community is everything and representative of what was, what is, and the promise of what could be.

Through RAIN Recovery, we can celebrate who we are collectively, by helping people bring out the best in themselves, and flourish. This is how we build a better community.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment


RAIN Recovery Mission at Work

We are a family owned business who understands the importance of helping others during hardships and the trials and tribulations that life can bring. We want to provide a safe space that is calming, creating a sense of belonging, community and, more importantly, a space that is nonjudgmental. We focus on restoring and reconnecting every client to their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. By building trust from day one, we embrace an alliance with every individual that grows stronger during their time at our facility and throughout recovery.

Nurturing positivity starts from the ground up and it’s an integral part of the treatment process. Through the blending of western medicine, eastern holistic practices, and metaphysical energy work, each client is given every aspect of the comprehensive health spectrum to recover and live a drug-free life.

While this is the basis of the RAIN Recovery mission, how it happens is through the following core principles:

Build self-esteem

Establish strong communication patterns

Nurture positive relationships

Lead with honesty and transparency

Provide healthy coping skills

Our Founders’ Stories

Morgan Rudnick

Morgan Rudnick

MS MFT, Co-Founder

Morgan Rudnick attended Phillips Graduate Institute where she received her Master’s in Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Wanting to acquire additional industry education, she studied Co-Occurring Disorders, Trauma Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, Crisis Management and Suicide Prevention, as well as Anger Management. She felt a special calling to focus on helping those with past traumas overcome them while lessening their impact in the development of mental illness and addictions.

Extensive experience in treating individuals suffering from eating disorders, addictions, and trauma carved her career path which also includes working with community mental health groups and the LGBTQ population.

Before founding RAIN Recovery, Morgan was a clinical school-based counselor working with children and their families. In addition, she worked in residential treatment with adolescents and adults who suffered from mental illness and addictions. While there, she utilized family therapy methodologies, focusing on aspects of trauma and attachment while designing unique, customized treatment plans meeting the needs of each individual.


Jason Barrett

Business Degree, Co-Founder

Jason first attended college to study radiology, specializing in vascular interventional radiology. A few years later, he went back to school to study business development, receiving an Associate Arts Degree in business.

By working in various hospital settings and seeing first-hand what addiction can do to people and their loved ones, he continued to focus his time within healthcare. Jason’s ability to engage in the technical, business and procedural aspects of the industry helped him hone the best practices for RAIN Recovery, benefiting clients and their staff.

With eight years in a hospital setting managing financial business practices, improving policies, and enhancing internal processes to support large scale organizational goals, coupled with experience in the addiction treatment industry, a greater calling to serve those in need became evident.

Putting patient care first is the cornerstone in how Jason fulfills the need in behavioral health. Through knowledge and understanding, he is dedicated to bringing drastic and positive change to the industry. This strong sense of purpose is supported by intense focus, motivation, and seeing goals to their fruition. He lives an active lifestyle and conveys the importance of fitness, teamwork, and maintaining physical health in relation to good mental health.

Jason truly cares about the wellbeing of others and helping those struggling with depression, anxiety, other emotional health issues, and addiction, find themselves and their true potential.