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All encompassing. This is what living with drug abuse, alcohol addiction, or mental health conditions feels like. Your recovery program to overcome these issues should be just as far-reaching to explore the anticipated, and prepare for the unexpected. True coping skills require a vast canvas to cover the hills and valleys of life.

Rather than present a cookie-cutter approach to treatment, we vested our time, research, and client preferences into creating a layered and flexible response to the intricacies of achieving balanced behavioral health.

The result is effective, full spectrum, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient plans customized to cater to each individual from the moment treatment begins through aftercare. When you think about it, emotional health and a strong spirit drive our desire to succeed in all other aspects of our lives.

RAIN Recovery is a holistic healing center that uses this as a guideline to create a personal benchmark of recovery for each client.


Traditional Treatment Methods

We hold the foundations of mental health teachings close. We hold new technologies in traditional practices closer. By bringing in the best psychoanalysts, holistic healing therapists, counselors, and healers, compassion and science are housed in a parallel universe we call treatment. Clients then receive a total treatment package that utilizes all available methodologies, meeting them exactly where they are in the recovery process – at any and every given moment.

Traditional Therapy

Thorough Beyond Definition

Collaboration is the key to uncovering the details in a person’s past, the root cause of emotional suffering, addictive behaviors, or both. Our team of addiction treatment and mental health professionals listen to what you say, and what remains hidden. Through extensive communication, we can determine personal points of contention that have held you back from becoming all you are meant to be. We interact with you, with one another, and family members who help shed more light to help you abandon the darkness.

We offer:
treatment approaches - Holistic Healing

Being Open to the

Science of Holistic Healing

As we explore your past, embrace the here and now, and discover your better future, including alternative therapies and non-traditional teachings opens more opportunity in the recovery process.

As we delve deeper into the personal realm of feelings and how you respond to them, we can identify what triggers put clients at risk and how best to deflect, remove, or override them. Through the use of holistic healing therapies, we fine-tune emotional boundaries and reset them. This allows for a more supportive yet explorative healing experience.

Find inner tranquility and emotional safeguards with:

Preparing for Life after

Behavioral Health Treatment

Accepting addiction rehab or mental health treatment is an empowering decision. However, it seldom allows you to put a pause on other preexisting personal obligations. Career and financial issues cannot be ignored but oftentimes are the stressors that bring on emotional episodes or addiction relapse.

For these reasons and more, we provide clients with the life skills needed to embrace positive self-care and streamline a path towards recovery success. Because knowing how to handle those unexpected moments is the essence of living an awe-inspired life.

Before treatment at RAIN Recovery is completed, we include:
  • Financial Planning
  • Workforce Integration
  • Nutritional Guidance

As much as we enjoy working with our clients, nothing makes us happier than seeing you graduate the program and continue on as a self-aware, strong, beacon of recovery.

Treatment approaches - Behavioral Health Treatment

We Specialize in A-ha Moments, Daily

Progress during Intensive Outpatient or Flex Outpatient treatment here at RAIN Recovery provides blessings to our clients, loved ones, our healthcare partners and the greater community. Though we all strive for diversity, behavioral health challenges remain a cornerstone in reminding us how our struggles, though different, are at the core – the same.

Collectively, as we embrace personal and professional change, know that you, your families and those who cared enough to refer you here are what make recovery possible. By sharing breakthroughs, industry knowledge and exciting developments to come, we can help destigmatize behavioral health and forge ahead with love.

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