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It isn‘t about how and why you’ve found yourself here, but what that started your search for answers. RAIN Recovery was founded on offering many choices for the treatment of addiction and mental health conditions as well as the co-occurring disorders that often conjoin these conditions. But we take traditional substance addiction treatment to task by pushing its boundaries farther.


From the Energy Within

By integrating a holistic and synergistic side of healing through the use of metaphysics, we can enhance the tools of science-based methodologies, including neurofeedback, in the treatment for addiction and mental health conditions of drug and alcohol addictions and other behavioral health issues more comprehensively.


Substance Use Disorders
We Treat

Drug makers and manufacturers (legal and illicit) have become more sophisticated in the substances produced. Drug and alcohol intake creates an unspoken conversation, convincing users that they are better off when dependent on them. In fact, there are different characteristics in substance use addiction that define the pattern of the disease: dependence, addiction, tolerance, and withdrawal. If you or someone you know is caught in the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, encountering each of these characteristics is a given, no matter the drug of choice.

Prevalent Drug Addictions

Social circles and accessibility often determine which substances are sought after and abused. Even drug and alcohol use are impacted by trends. RAIN Recovery keeps a pulse on which drugs are more prevalent than others, providing leading options in treatment that help withstand the urge to fall back on old, harmful habits.

Substance use is complex and requires extensive support to get past what the mind, body, and spirit have grown accustomed to through dependency, compared to facing life in its absence clear, clean and sober. Some addictions can happen overnight, while others can take years to manifest. The key to recovery is eliminating the root cause in the development of addictive behaviors and replacing it with wholesome and nourishing practices that support a balanced lifestyle.


Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Life circumstances and single or ongoing exposure to traumatic events can take a toll on mental health. The mind can help circumvent emotional pain by compartmentalizing it into our subconscious. While this is meant as a defense mechanism, avoidance in dealing with past issues will eventually rise to the surface, initially as symptoms of a larger condition.

Co-Occurring Disorders We Treat

Statistics have shown us that about half of those who have a substance addiction also have an existing mental health condition. While some may develop mental illness from drug or alcohol abuse, others with a longstanding mental condition will mask the illness by self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Either scenario is known as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis, when one condition exists in the presence of another.

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