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Accepting The Past


If you grew up in the San Fernando Valley, cultural tradition and family values were the standard. But what took place behind closed doors wasn’t an open book to others. Then and now, generational differences often gave way to miscommunication, traumatic experiences, and a perceived need to self-medicate with mind-altering substances. Unfortunately, this is our new norm.

You and your family deserve better.

Childhood happens. Circumstances change. There’s an unspoken expectation that we’re all supposed to experience joy in spite of what this life brings. Without the right coping skills, how can we truly be happy?

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Substance Use Treatment

By Professionals, for Professionals

Society demands more from us than ever before. Between the pressures of performing on the job and the needs to be met at home, finding the time to decompress, relax and practice self-care is essential. Unfortunately, we put others first or resort to tactics that induce a false sense of pleasure to quickly cover up the emotional pain. As this cycle of self-effacing behaviors increases, our ability to function optimally fades away, until there’s nothing left of our former sense of self.

Most therapists are not addiction treatment experts.

There’s a great disservice amongst the mental health industry and its preying on the people who need help most. For those riddled with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other disorders, the root cause isn’t necessarily a single or multiple traumatic events but our ongoing toxic lifestyle that has borne what we call CTSD (Continuous Traumatic Stress Disorder). It’s prevalent in the workforce. In fact, the majority of people will treat these disorders with the very substances that pose the greatest risk for the development of addiction. But the untrained professional focusing on one issue can easily forget to look at the bigger picture of an individual’s comprehensive health paradigm.

Putting Evidence-Based Treatments First



Compromised mental health and drug abuse all too often go hand in hand. Known as co-occurring disorders, we’ve seen these diagnoses escalate in the people of our community. Drug, prescription medication and alcohol addictions continue to decay the beauty of our diverse cultures, putting people and their loved ones at risk.

RAIN Recovery takes the power and credibility of science and immerses it into holistic practices that not only make stress management more feasible, but provide the necessary tools to see you in a brand new light.

Much like a personal awakening, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and our Flex Outpatient programs here bring the right balance of traditional therapies, practical thinking, energy healing, and holistic programs that nurture the gentler side of being, while empowering an emotional survival skill set. Altruism replaces ego and it’s amazing to see how quickly behavioral modification happens. Now, this type of personal growth becomes even more impactful when you find yourself here with like-minded people who want to better themselves, their families, and the greater good.

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When did fear become a primary driver in our decision-making? Permanently moving past self-esteem issues and fear-based thinking doesn’t come from drowning in a bottle of vodka, Xanax or cocaine. These are just short-term fixes masking deep rooted emotional pain. When you’re ready to face personal truth and accountability, that’s when positive and lasting transformation begins in mind, body, and spirit.

RAIN Recovery was created as an expression of this phenomenon and what clients experience here:

Recovery          Acceptance         Inspire           New Beginnings

Transcend in our non 12-step environment, where next generation sobriety is as natural as a breath of fresh air. Take it all in each day in our well-appointed penthouse suite. Restore with 360 degree views of the Valley where the Pacific Ocean serves as a distant backdrop beckoning the calm that resonates within you. You’ll feel a positive, personal shift from the moment you enter.

Empower yourself daily.


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